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Erin Andrews Talks Blogs, With Blogs

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General rule of thumb, sports blogging wise: A picture of Erin Andrews, and/or a story about her, is a recipe for page view goodness. If you're into that type of thing. But One More Dying Quail did everybody one better: They actually scored an interview with the sideline princess.


She sounds like a pretty normal, regular human being ... except for one thing.

OMDQ: So do you Google yourself now? Because I know Bill Simmons told you that you probably shouldn't.

EA: I have seen a couple of things. The one thing is, I check out certain web sites just because I think it's good reading. I love the Extra Mustard web site on CNN SI. I think Deadspin's just hysterical. You know, I've seen some stuff, but over the past year, it's gotten worse with me. Every little thing I do, whether it's eating a sandwich to you know, anything, it's just all over, or who I'm talking to on the sidelines so that must mean I'm dating them, who I'm having a drink with at the bar, so that must mean I'm dating him, it's turned into, it's turned into almost like a mockery, so I've stayed away from it. You know, I'll see some things sometimes if it's on web sites that I'm looking at, but I won't Google myself, no.

We remain sympathetic to the plight of female sports reporters, who, no matter what they do, are constantly linked with whatever athlete/coach they happen to interview at the time. (This doesn't seem to happen to Kit Seelye.) That said, there was something hypnotic about the picture of Andrews eating a sandwich. But don't take offense, Erin: We're just as mesmerized when we watch Jim Gray eat a taco.

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