ESPN And Salisbury: The Unkindest Cut Of All

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You might have thought the actual firing of Sean Salisbury would be the last shot ESPN could fire across his bow. But no, they've gutted him with the final insult: They're bringing back "Battlebots."


Yes, the show that Salisbury once hosted (and also Carmen Electra, Bill Nye and the Sklar brothers) is returning to ESPN this June.

ESPN has made BattleBots an offer: BattleBots will hold a Collegiate BattleBots Championship, featuring robots built by students enrolled in institutions of Higher Education. The Collegiate BattleBots competition will air as a series on ESPNU and ESPN2. This competition will be open to Colleges and Universities, and Student Teams who are enrolled in institutions of Higher Education. This will be a middleweight (120 pound) competition as governed under the current BattleBots rule set — But, BattleBots is allowing an additional 40 pounds to be added as bonus weight, thus making the total weight 160 pounds! So get creative.


That's just mean: That's like firing Stuart Scott and then bringing back "Teammates." We are sorry, Sean.

(But seriously, though: "Battlebots" rules. We can't wait.)

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