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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

ESPN And Sports Illustrated Pundits Went 0-For-58 On Tigers-Giants World Series PredictionsRepublished with permission from

At the start of the year, Vegas handicapped the Tigers at 3-to-1 odds and the Giants at 7-to-1 odds to make it to the World Series, placing both teams within the crop of favorites. And yet, not one pundit from ESPN or Sports Illustrated picked them to face each other in the Fall Classic. There were, however, eight pundits that picked the Tigers to win the American League and six that picked to Giants to win the National League. Here's how the pundits graded out:

PunditAL PickNL Pick
AJ Mass, ESPNDetroitAtlanta
Colin Cowherd, ESPNDetroitSt. Louis
Jayson Stark, ESPNDetroitSt. Louis
John Kruk, ESPNDetroitMilwaukee
Jorge Arangure Jr., ESPNDetroitAtlanta
Kevin Goldstein, ESPNDetroitCincinnati
Peter Pascarelli, ESPNDetroitArizona
Tony Jackson, ESPNDetroitPhiladelphia
Albert Chen, SITexasSan Francisco
Enrique Rojas, ESPNLA AngelsSan Francisco
Jim Caple, ESPNLA AngelsSan Francisco
Stephania Bell, ESPNTampa BaySan Francisco
Stephen Cannella, SILA AngelsSan Francisco
Tom Verducci, SILA AngelsSan Francisco
Aaron Boone, ESPNLA AngelsPhiladelphia
Adam Rubin, ESPNNY YankeesWashington
Amanda Rykoff, ESPNLA AngelsArizona
Andrew Marchand, ESPNTexasPhiladelphia
Barry Larkin, ESPNLA AngelsArizona
Ben Reiter, SITexasMiami
Buster Olney, ESPNTampa BayArizona
Carolina Guillen, ESPNLA AngelsPhiladelphia
Christina Kahrl, ESPNLA AngelsArizona
Cliff Corcoran, SINY YankeesSt. Louis
Curt Schilling, ESPNLA AngelsPhiladelphia
Dan Shulman, ESPNLA AngelsArizona
Dan Szymborski, ESPNTexasPhiladelphia
Dave Cameron, ESPNNY YankeesSt. Louis
David Kull, ESPNLA AngelsArizona
David Schoenfield, ESPNTexasMilwaukee
Doug Glanville, ESPNLA AngelsArizona
Doug Padilla, ESPNLA AngelsPhiladelphia
Eric Karabell, ESPNTampa BayPhiladelphia
Jason Churchill, ESPNTexasCincinnati
Javier Maymi, ESPNTampa BayMiami
Jerry Crasnick, ESPNTexasArizona
Jim Bowden, ESPNLA AngelsArizona
Joe Lemire, SITexasPhiladelphia
Jon Sciambi, ESPNTampa BayPhiladelphia
Jonah Keri, ESPNNY YankeesPhiladelphia
Karl Ravech, ESPNBostonArizona
Keith Law, ESPNTexasAtlanta
Mark Mulder, ESPNLA AngelsArizona
Mark Saxon, ESPNLA AngelsSt. Louis
Mark Simon, ESPNLA AngelsSt. Louis
Marty Bernoski, ESPNTexasArizona
Matt Meyers, ESPNTampa BayArizona
Matt Szefc, ESPNNY YankeesPhiladelphia
Matthew Berry, ESPNLA AngelsPhiladelphia
Mel Antonen, SILA AngelsArizona
Orel Hershiser, ESPNTampa BayArizona
Pedro Gomez, ESPNLA AngelsCincinnati
Richard Durrett, ESPNTexasPhiladelphia
Rick Sutcliffe, ESPNTexasWashington
Steve Berthiaume, ESPNLA AngelsArizona
Ted Keith, SINY YankeesPhiladelphia
Terry Francona, ESPNLA AngelsPhiladelphia
Tristan Cockcroft, ESPNTampa BayCincinnati

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