Eagle-eyed reader Dan spotted this during last night's SportsCenter, during which the WWL promoted highlights of the Nats-Tigers game with this graphic of Stephen Strasburg and Miguel Cabrera. Notice anything wrong? ESPN magically turned the league's best hitter into a lefty.

We're not sure why they went to so much work to do this just for a brief composition that aired for all of a few seconds, but it's a pretty amateur job. (They "sort of" flipped the D logo on Cabrera's batting helmet, but forgot to un-reverse the text on his wristband.) Here's the original photo, taken by Getty's Mark Cunningham back on June 4:

You'll see ESPN's graphics department also painted out Cabrera's name and number on the back so as to mask the reversal. This isn't scandalous or anything, we just can't figure out why SportsCenter's art department wouldn't use one of the hundreds of photos of Cabrera available that shows him facing the necessary direction to begin with.