ESPN Continues To Axe Things You Probably Don't Watch

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First, Quite Frankly, and now this. ESPN Classic is ceasing to create and air original programming. Norby Williamson, ESPN's executive vice president, let the ESPN Classic people know on Friday that they were being reassigned. ESPN Classic will continue on as a network for the time being, sans original programming, but who knows how long that will last without the ratings bonanza provided by ... well, whatever they show on ESPN Classic.


What if the Quite Frankly cancellation and this news are related, and the grand plan is for ESPN to relaunch ESPN Classic as "ESPN Stephen A"?

But yeah, Norby's had himself a very busy week. By now, I think it's probably safe to say that he's the most famous "Norby" in sports. You know, I'm pretty sure that this could've happened, and no one would have noticed... and had it not been posted here, you probably wouldn't have. But that's not important. I think what's important now is that someone find a new vehicle for the Sklar brothers. I like those guys.

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