ESPN announcers Dave Rieff and Mike Dunn almost got through a whole segment involving a naked woman without assessing her as "attractive" and ogling her. Almost!

NHRA Funny Car racer Courtney Force posed nude for ESPN The Magazine's yes-this-is-totally-different-from-the-Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue-because-athletes Body Issue (which is usually pretty cool, to be fair), and appears on one of the issue's covers sitting on a tire and in a picture showing her on a road with a car out of gas and gas can in hand. ESPN's Sunday night telecast of the Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals teased a segment on how Force got her Body Issue body with footage of her working out, but then came back with this bit of inspired commentary, used as a bit of filler before Force's next heat.

The highlights: "Wooow" being said at the same time as "The female body, studied and appreciated as art for a long time"; "Not only is Courtney Force attractive, she's also very athletic-looking"; "Looks like her Mustang ran out of gas! I'd prolly stop and help her out. Just maybe." Oh, and then the "it's a very big honor" that sort of underscores why a woman posing nude is rarely ever "honored" instead of "leered at" by the male gaze.

Force went on to win the heat by 0.0058 seconds, which amounted to about three feet of the track, before bowing out in the event's semifinals.