Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Since joining ESPN last month, Adam Schefter has logged approximately 32,000 hours of face time on The Network. I guess his schedule finally caught up with him, because he got the consumption today and had to be put down.

Seriously though—this guy owns ESPN now. His talking head shows up on my screen at least once an hour, every day of the week, and just about every meaningful story about the NFL for the last four weeks has been broken, confirmed, or commented on via satellite by Schefter. He's the hardest working man in sports show business right now and seemingly the only football reporter at ESPN who still has a pulse. (Until the coughing fit, of course.)


John Clayton? Dead. Chris Mortensen? Buried. Rachel Nichols? Never heard of her. There's a rumor he had Ed Werder killed just to impress a "unnamed AFC scout." TWWL has simply reduced their entire NFL reporting budget to "whatever Schefter's cellphone bill is." The guy is a machine. An wheezing, clogged up machine.

Adam Schefter (Adam_Schefter) on Twitter [Twitter]

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