ESPN Has Cut Ties With Matthew Barnaby "Effective Immediately"

Illustration for article titled ESPN Has Cut Ties With Matthew Barnaby "Effective Immediately"

After the news broke this morning that analyst Matthew Barnaby had been arrested for a DWI in Clarence, N.Y., an ESPN spokesman informed us that Bristol was "looking into the situation." We just received word that Barnaby's been fired. From ESPN's shit-handling department: "We spoke with Matthew and informed him that we terminated his contract, effective immediately."


Barnaby was pulled over on the Dana Marie Parkway just after 3 a.m. this morning while attempting to operate a Porsche Cayenne that only had three wheels. The arrest came just seven months after he faced five criminal charges in a domestic dispute case with his ex-wife. Consider this a reminder, kids and SportsCenter aspirants: Don't drive drunk, and do attempt to drive with all four wheels. It's much easier that way.

Update: The Buffalo News reports that after today's arrest, Barnaby could also be deported back to his native Canada.