ESPN Hires "The UFC's Skip Bayless" As MMA Analyst

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Disgraced former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen—who has retired and is banned from fighting by the Nevada Athletic Commission until mid-2016 because of two failed drug tests (which also cost him his job as a UFC broadcaster for Fox Sports)—is joining ESPN as an MMA analyst, the AP reported Tuesday. ESPN says he will debut later this week, prior to UFC 180.

Sonnen is perhaps a curious hire, given that his past contains numerous instances of race-baiting fighting commentary, a money laundering conviction, and those failed drug tests. Then again, in our long profile of Sonnen from last year, Tim Marchman called him "UFC's Skip Bayless," so maybe it does make some sense.

To learn more about Sonnen, here is that profile.


Photo via Ethan Miller/Getty