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ESPN Ombudsperson Of Significant Interest: Don Ohlmeyer

The quest to replace ESPN's Le Anne Schreiber as the WWL's ombudsperson might be near completion if stars align: Venerable sports producer and consummate BSD Don Ohlmeyer is rumored to be the lead candidate for the position, sourcepersons say.

Ohlmeyer's resume is a dramatic shift from prior ombudspeople (both Schreiber and George Solomon were newspaper disciples) but it could possibly be a better fit for the position if ESPN covets criticism for all of its media platforms, especially its television programming. This move also further solidifies ESPN's takeover of the sports media universe, as they'll have one of the industry's more lionized visionaries on staff to publicly consult criticize them into becoming even more World Wide Leadery.


ESPN's comment about Ohlmeyer: "We will announce our new ombudsman when the process is finalized."

Pshaw. The potential downside of this is that it will probably abandon all hopes of Norm Macdonald ever hosting the ESPYs again: Upside? I can't wait to see Ohlmeyer's take on Blog Buzz.

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