ESPN Radio Host Ryen Russillo Arrested In Wyoming For Misdemeanor Criminal Entry [Updates]

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Ryen Russillo, host of The Russillo Show on ESPN, was arrested in Wyoming today. The details on the Teton County Sheriff’s Office inmate list are scarce, but the 42-year-old Russillo was charged with criminal entry.

In the state of Wyoming, criminal entry is a misdemeanor similar to trespassing:

6-3-302. Criminal entry; penalties; affirmative defenses.

(a) A person is guilty of criminal entry if, without authority, he knowingly enters a building, occupied structure, vehicle or cargo portion of a truck or trailer, or a separately secured or occupied portion of those enclosures.

(b) It is an affirmative defense to prosecution under this section that:

(i) The entry was made because of a mistake of fact or to preserve life or property in an emergency;

(ii) The enclosure was abandoned;

(iii) The enclosure was at the time open to the public and the person complied with all lawful conditions imposed on access to or remaining in the enclosure; or

(iv) The person reasonably believed that the owner of the enclosure, or other person empowered to license access to the enclosure, would have authorized him to enter.

(c) Criminal entry is a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment for not more than six (6) months, a fine of not more than seven hundred fifty dollars ($750.00), or both.


Earlier this week, Russillo had been tweeting photos from Montana:


We called the sheriff’s office for more details on Russillo’s arrest but were told to call back after 6 p.m. We reached out to ESPN for comment and will update if we get it.

Update (1:32 p.m. ET): From an ESPN spokesperson: “We are looking into it.”

Update (2:45 p.m. ET): The Jackson Hole News & Guide spoke with Jackson Police Lieutenant Roger Schultz, who said that Russillo was arrested early this morning after officers responded to a “highly intoxicated male who was refusing to leave” a condo. From the report:

Two people were asleep in the condo when they heard someone come in. They didn’t know the man and asked him to leave because he was drunk, according to reports. Police arrived a few minutes later.

“Occupants pointed the suspect out who was found in a bedroom,” Jackson Police Lt. Roger Schultz said.

Russillo, of West Hartford, Connecticut, reportedly had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech.

“He couldn’t coherently answer any questions,” Schultz said.

Update (10:33 p.m. ET): The News & Guide added an update to its original story regarding Russillo’s condition when he was found in the condo:

“Officers found the defendant, later identified as Ryen August Russillo, lying on the bed in the south bedroom naked except for his pants around his ankles,” the probable cause affidavit states.