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Awful Announcing reveals that Rick Reilly will finally get the consistent face-time to justify his $17 million ESPN contract. America, lock up your Ed Hardy T-shirts and your dental metaphors because "Homecoming" is here.


The ESPN press release says the new Friday night show will have the Rickster interviewing athletes in their former home towns. The premiere episode is January 9th on ESPN2 (aww) and will feature heroin-cum-homer-hitter Josh Hamilton, sitting in an office chair in his old high school gymnasium and rehashing his harrowing story for the kajillionth time. The following week, it's Reilly's good buddy John Elway. Chances their interview ends up in a stilted "Don't kill me, John!" photo op? 60 percent.

The most interesting thing about this program is that these interviews run an hour. An HOUR. On Friday nights. So, is it safe to say ESPN2 is going after the "Nick at Night" demo. Don't be surprised if "Homecoming" is followed by old reruns of "1st and Ten" in the coming months.

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