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ESPN Wants Your Gritty Slices Of Urban Life

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So, let's see: We have ESPN The Weekend, ESPN The Restaurant, ESPN The Radio Station, ESPN The Magazine, ESPN The Cellphone Provider, ESPN The Video Game Content Survivor and, inevitably, ESPN The Bi-Curious Brothel. What's next? Well, how about ESPN The Film Festival!

The Tribeca Film Festival is teaming up with Walt Disney Co.-owned ESPN Inc. to launch a sports film festival showcasing independent sports films at next year's Tribeca festival.

"Independent film has grown exponentially in the last few years, and sports-themed films have grown with it," said John Skipper, ESPN executive vice president of content, in a statement. "Together, we hope to inspire filmmakers to makes sports-themed films with this new platform in mind and thereby raise the level of the genre."


When we think of scrappy independent films, we can't deny that ESPN immediately comes to mind. Who can forget the infamous scene of Harvey Keitel masturbating and grunting while standing outside the ESPN Zone, or the time Michael Madsen cut off Dan Patrick's ear? It's a perfect match!

We have a feeling you can come up with some potential ESPN independent films. We'd love to see David Lynch directing "Quite Frankly," actually.

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