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ESPN's Featured Comment Of The Day

ESPN scoured its message boards this morning for its wittiest, boldest, most enlightening comment, and picked this one above all others ...

• "The Chargers have jelled and look like they've found the key to success ... LT!" — yowhatupg69

Previous ESPN Featured Comment of the Day, and a Featured Deadspin Response or two ...


• "How many people did you get knocked out of the playoffs with your 'Love 'em, Hate 'em?' " — TomPalmiero

(Re: Matthew Berry's Love/Hate)

• Oh, Tom Palmeiro always has an excuse for missing the playoffs. In 2005 he blamed the B-12 he got from his friend Mark Tejada. — Stupidangelos


• From TomPalmiero's profile, describing his greatest sports moment: "Throwing peanuts at a guy wearing a Red Sox hat at Yankee Stadium. 5/04/07 Seattle @ NYY". — Doyle McPoyle

• Really? That's your greatest moment? — Peytonloveskenny

• That may be the saddest greatest sports moment I've ever seen. — JenP

• Well, they deleted "rubbing one out in a Yankee Stadium men's room while thinking about Jeter." — Dr. Michael Mancini

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