ESPN scoured its message boards this morning to find its cleverest, boldest, most enlightening comment, and chose this one above all others ...

• "The Hornets have made me a believer. From what I've seen, I'm more than impressed." — ballaticionjb11

Previous ESPN Featured Comment of the Day, plus a Featured Deadspin Response or two ...

• "Turco had this look that he wasn't letting anything past him." — drew2576

• Tebow had this look like he's not letting any foreskin get past him - shanoff — millensdraftskills


• The Bridgekeeper had this look like he wasn't going to let anyone past him, unless they answered him his questions three.-BraveSirRobin165 — Steve_U

• Turok had this look that he wasn't letting any dinosaurs past him - drewn64 — Camp Tiger Claw