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ESPN's Featured Comment Of The Week

ESPN scours its message boards daily to come up with its cleverest, boldest, most enlightening comments to feature on its front page. Here is one of those comments.. • "What if Sir Charles were 28 years old and still playing in the NBA?" — LoPost43Previous ESPN Featured Comment of the Week, plus a Featured Deadspin Response or two ... • "You have to move the Capitals up after the way they bloodied the Penguins." — tpgnln2 • We have to move the capital south after the Army of Northern Virginia was bloodied by those dirty Federals.—jdavis65 (Sports-Pun) • You have to move Batman up after the way he bloodied the Penguin. - CommishGordon (Pornstars-for-Wilbon) • Don't see Washington surpassing Pittsburgh in the power rankings. Capitals barely won. - bbrenners (StuScott Booyahs)


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