ESPN scours its message boards daily to come up with its cleverest, boldest, most enlightening comments to feature on its front page. Here is one of those comments.. • "What if Sir Charles were 28 years old and still playing in the NBA?" — LoPost43Previous ESPN Featured Comment of the Week, plus a Featured Deadspin Response or two ... • "You have to move the Capitals up after the way they bloodied the Penguins." — tpgnln2 • We have to move the capital south after the Army of Northern Virginia was bloodied by those dirty Federals.—jdavis65 (Sports-Pun) • You have to move Batman up after the way he bloodied the Penguin. - CommishGordon (Pornstars-for-Wilbon) • Don't see Washington surpassing Pittsburgh in the power rankings. Capitals barely won. - bbrenners (StuScott Booyahs)