Report: ESPN's Gutless Future Will Not Include Jemele Hill

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One week after new president Jimmy Pitaro articulated his bold new vision for the future of ESPN—neuter it and lay submissively at the feet of Roger Goodell—comes a report that Jemele Hill will be leaving the company later this week:

James Miller describes the separation as “amicable.” Sporting News rounds out that nugget with a little more detail:

The former “SportsCenter” anchor will accept a buyout of the remainder of her contract with the network, said sources. Hill’s deal with ESPN still has at least two years to run and she stands to walk away with millions of dollars from ESPN parent Disney while she pursues other career opportunities, sources said.


Hill ran afoul of ESPN’s constitutional cowardice at least twice in the last year, and that was before Pitaro showed his belly to NFL owners and MAGA chuds on Monday. The first was for using her Twitter account to say something factually true about our senile amoral grifter of a President; and later she was suspended for two weeks for observing that boycotts are an effective form of protest. She remains deeply unpopular with both the “stick to sports” crowd and the “black people are the real racists” crowd—that Venn diagram is nearly a perfect circle—and earlier this summer Fox News spent a whole segment doing a touchdown dance over a wet dream of Hill being fired by ESPN. Her departure will be met by relief from NFL owners and huzzahs from the very worst people on earth. Hopefully she’ll find her way to a role with a company that hasn’t dedicated itself to courting favor with those two hideous groups of people.