According to the estimable Ken Rosenthal, Keith Law of ESPN—last seen around these parts ragging on Moneyball—interviewed with the Houston Astros for a position (Rosenthal mentions scouting director) in their front office. Law just tweeted, "My day just got a lot more interesting."

The transition from writing to scouting wouldn't be new to him—Law worked in the Blue Jays' front office from 2002-06, a gig he got after writing for Baseball Prospectus for several years—and Law already does a great deal of scouting for ESPN now. (Unfortunately, he spends most of his time behind the ESPN Insider paywall—you probably can't read him unless some well-meaning relative signed you up for an ESPN: The Magazine subscription with Insider benefits.)

Rosenthal says the Astros haven't yet offered Law a position, but keep in mind that Law, 38, attended a selective undergraduate institution outside of Boston with a good track record in job placement. With any luck, he'll be freed from the Worldwide Leader, and we'll still have the Top Chef recaps. One hopes, anyway.


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