We told you two weeks ago about the hilarity that is Bad Spring Training Twitpics, the site that's collecting all the bad art being snapped by the cameraphones of the many baseball writers now roaming around spring training. That same day, Keith Law let his many Twitter followers know he was also a fan of the site's work. But then Law tweeted the masterpiece you see above, the full version of which can be seen here, and BSTTP ran with it—until Law apparently demanded it be taken down, which it was.

The photo shows Diamondbacks pitching prospect Trevor Bauer, who is that blurry red thing out there on the warning track. Law's caption: "Trevor Bauer throwing long toss from right field to his catcher, who is standing on the left field foul line." Informative? Sure. But the photo is obviously terrible, which is what made it perfect fodder for BSTTP. The BSTTP post, since deleted, displayed the photo with an innocent caption about not expecting to see Law on here, or whatever. It was even tweeted out with a ironic tip of the hat in Law's direction:

But based simply on a review of both Law's and BSTTP's timeline, Law apparently began sending direct messages to BSTTP to complain, with BSTTP initially responding in the only way it could:


A short time later, the post was gone, and BSTTP explained why:

So Law was pissed, allegedly. Sometime after that, Law responded to one of his followers who wanted to know what happened:


We got the point, Keith. You're the one who clearly didn't.