ESPN's Lomas Brown Spent His Christmas Insulting People On Twitter

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Former Lions lineman Lomas Brown has been getting a ton of shit from people since admitting the other day he once deliberately allowed quarterback Scott Mitchell to get injured during a game. Though we never realized it until the Mitchell story got out, Brown is an ESPN analyst. But then we looked it up and quickly discovered why we had never seen him on the Worldwide Leader: He appears on First Take, and we never, ever intend to watch First Take.

We also discovered that Brown is on Twitter. ESPN, of course, has a Twitter policy. Among other things, that policy prohibits ESPN's on-air talent from treating Twitter like a "personal playground," and that it "is not a place to incite arguments, render threats, divulge company information or opine endlessly." Brown, apparently, never got the memo.


As some of his 9,800 followers began lashing out at him because of what he said about Mitchell, Brown began feeding the trolls. His tweets, of which there were many, are still there for all to see. We've grabbed the best of the bunch for you in case he decides to take them down. All were sent on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 'Tis the season:


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