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ESPN's Mel Kiper Page Links To Hilarious Profane Car Ad (Update)

This is likely to be removed soon, so hurry: When you click on Mel Kiper's page today, you don't get Mel's NFL draft take. Unless the Matt Stafford debate includes a profane car ad (NSFW).

A tipster just alerted us to the fact that when you click on the Tuesdays with Mel link, it takes you not to Mel's post, but to this:


Tuesdays with Mel > Tuesdays With Morrie.

Oh ESPN, what have you done now? Someone over there must have been passing this around, and in a tragic mistake, put in the link in place of Kiper's. That cut-and-paste function can be demanding mistress.

Jesus! Hasn't anyone around here ever worked on a web site before? /Berman'd.

UPDATE: ESPN's official comment: "The video was inappropriate and we apologize. It had nothing to do with Mel, and the error was caught and corrected immediately."

Mel Kiper [ESPN]

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