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Gossip site EITM Online β€” imagine US Weekly with uncomfortable photos of Mischa Barton's, uh, monthly visit from a friend β€” has a picture they claim is of Eva Longoria (Spurs guard Tony Parker's lady friend and fellow terrorizer of Mexican police officers) and ... wait for it ... "ESPN Hollywood" host Mario Lopez.

Whether this is true or not, we leave that for you to decide. We will say, however, that if you're an All-Star, two-time-champion French point guard, and your girlfriend was fooling around with an ESPN Original Entertainment employee ... sheesh, we'd probably just retire right there. It would be like Mia Hamm having a fling with Skip Bayless. OK, let's stop now.

It's worth noting, by the way:

Eva Longoria's famous curse to the San Antonio police department, that she was being harassed by a "Mexican bike cop," is double amusing, considering, you know, Mario Lopez once played a Mexican bike cop.


EITM Online (halfway down, under January 9. And again, watch out for the Barton picture)