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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Even After Booth Review, Officials Yesterday Botched This Down By Contact Call Against Andrew Luck

Midway through the second quarter of yesterday's Titans-Colts game, Tennessee intercepted an Andrew Luck pass and returned it for a touchdown. While Indianapolis would get two late field goals to secure a 27-23 win, without them the margin of victory would have hinged on this play—and as you can see above, Luck's clearly down by contact.


Since the play featured both a turnover and a score, it was automatically challenged by the replay official; despite the evidence you see above, the call on the field was upheld and the Titans awarded the score. Why? The CBS broadcast suggested the replay that shows Luck was down wasn't made available to the replay official. That's curious, because replay officials are supposed to have unhindered access to the full video system and all its available replays. It's not clear why this one showed up later, after the fact, but if you have any details let us know below.

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