Gabriel Jesus is the best young striker Brazil has produced in a startlingly long time. Obviously, this makes him a big deal back home. Brazilian funk artist MC Nego Blue was so impressed by Jesus’s talents that he penned an entire song, “É Gol” (translation: “It’s a Goal”), about the Manchester City man. And despite being on crutches during his recovery from a broken bone in his foot, Jesus made sure to turn out for the music video and awkwardly bounce and sway alongside Nego Blue for what turned out to be a charming if ungraceful performance:

If you don’t want to sit through an entire three minutes of Jesus lifting his crutches to the sky and playing FIFA with friends, here’s a brief highlight of his dancing:

And some of the lyrics in case you’re wondering, as run through Google Translate:

Barefoot on the dirt field
Today is a star in England
I fell, I got up
But I never got intimidated


Gabriel Jesus, Neymar
It will be bad to put up with
Can you believe
That the World Cup will conquer


We can believe, Nego Blue. We can.