Even Daniel Snyder’s Ownership Partners Want Him to Sell

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Everyone has had it with Dan Synder, including his ownership partners.

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, the team’s minority owners — who control 40 percent of the franchise — are applying pressure on the unpopular owner to sell his shares of the team while simultaneously hiring an investment firm to assist them in the sale of theirs.


But alas, D.C. fans, the billionaire owner has no interest in selling.

The report also states that the minority owners, which include FedEx Corp. CEO Fred Smith, Black Diamond Capital chairman Robert Rothman and NVR Inc. board chairman Dwight Schar, have received interest from potential suitors for their shares, but Synder has pushed back on the idea of providing suitors a path toward total control, and his refusal to do so has pushed interested buyers away.

I think it’s pretty clear Synder will not sell the team on his own. He salivates at power. He flexes his muscle at the idea that anyone is pressuring him to do anything. Who knows if he actually agrees with their request but he is one of those people who would rather set fire to his own franchise just to show he holds the keys and makes the calls — not them.

Just take a look at the team name change and how that debacle unfolded.

People had been requesting Synder change the name of his Washington franchise since he bought the team in 1999. And many Native American activists and social groups would show up to Washington’s facilities year-after-year pleading for him to change the long-standing racist name.

What was his response in 2013:

“We’ll never change the name. It’s that simple. NEVER — you can use caps.”

It wasn’t until his business partners, such as stadium sponsor FedEx and Pepsi Co. applied pressure by going public with their desire he change the name before Snyder gave in and announced the racist name and logo would be ditched.


Unable to gain the rights to his name of choice, the team has settled on being called the Washington Football Team.

And in the midst of the franchise’s hand being forced monetarily, Washington’s minority owners had already laid the foundation to sell their portion of the team.


This summer has been a public relations dumpster fire in Washington to say the least.

Last month, more than a dozen women who covered the team or worked within the organization came forward to tell their stories of sexual harassment while at work.


Former Washington cheerleaders alleged in 2018, that Snyder allowed his rich supporters to go on trips with them receiving exclusive access to nude photoshoots.

I don’t think anyone could defend Synder’s ownership of the Washington Football Team. On the surface he isn’t a good owner and lashes out at former employees. He has no control over the culture within his organization. And even the men who work with him on the ownership stump want nothing to do with him business wise.


Synder is shown he is not capable of leading so he has to go.