Even Satan's Minions Love Albert Pujols

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No, this is not a Leitch relative who escaped his bone-littered Mattoon cave to root for the Redbirds last week, but we do get this report from the brave individual who managed to snap pictures of this man-beast at Busch Stadium without being eaten:

I saw this guy at a Cardinals-Giants game at Busch Stadium on July 3. He had a number of tattoos on his head, including what appears to be some sort of tribute to the Rams (horns on both sides) and a skeleton hand grasping the back of his skull.

To top it off, he was wearing an Albert Pujols jersey-shirt.

These tattoos are serious. They just scream "I've been to more than 80 Venom concerts" or "I've staked puppies to a tree and set them on fire" but, like most Midwestern Cardinals fans, we'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he's a real sweetheart.


Scary, though.


Good morning! It's Monday. It's not even 9 a.m. but, to paraphrase Tom Robbins, you can already sail toy boats in my boxers. Summer's finally come to Brooklyn, screaming for vengeance.