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Even The ESPN Announcers Were Tired Of Watching That Orange Bowl

ESPN3's online feed does away with commercials entirely, leaving dead silence in their place. Except sometimes they forget to cut the announcers' mics, leading to awkward exchanges like last night's between Jaws, Gruden and Tirico.

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From Slate, the riveting off-air transcript:

(?): "You owe me dinner, bro."
Tirico: "Yep, no problem."
Gruden: "Go ahead Jaws, have another lozenge."
Jaworski (celebratory): "God dang, I made it!"
Gruden: "My God, these are the longest games ever."
Jaworski: "Holy cow."
Tirico: "Wait ‘til Monday."


Monday being the BCS Title Game. But inquiring minds need to know: why does Mike Tirico owe someone dinner?

"My God, These Are the Longest Games Ever" [Slate]

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