We know those who use wheelchairs are capable of doing just about anything that those who can stand and walk can do; we suspect some of you are doing that very thing right now. Unless you're trying to get to the upper deck of RFK Stadium, nothing should stand in your way as a sports fan.

But, all told, one of those danger zones for wheelchair-bound sports fans has to be the Dawg Pound at Browns Stadium. Witness Levi White, who has spina bifida and lives in a wheelchair. He also goes to every Browns game, or at least he did, until someone from the Dawg Pound stole his wheelchair. This was, of course, in front of several thousand fans, most of which were surely barking at the time. It's the NFL, baby!

This is, of course, WKYC, which is Carl Monday's station. So, Carl, you know, what are you waiting around for?

Wheelchair Stolen From Fan At Browns Game [WKYC] (via Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer)


(UPDATE: Hey, they found the chair!)