Both the graphics department and the on-air talent—in this case, Chris Berman—believe this to be Tim "it only took ten seconds" Tebow and Jake Locker chattin' and tossin' the old pigskin at the beginning of Monday Night Countdown.

While that is most definitely Tim Tebow, he is not talking to Jake Locker. That's Tennessee third-string quarterback, Rusty Smith. Smith happens to go to the same Church as Tebow and they work out together, according to the Titans website. Just a couple of friendly backup quarterbacks exchanging pleasantries before the game. Or, more accurately, Tim Tebow talking to some other guy.

Now, these sorts of things happen, especially with teams that have not gotten a whole lot of national exposure—and even more so when the man in question is standing in the aura of the most overexposed football player ever. However, later in the program, the Countdown gang kicked it Jon Gruden for his weekly QB chat. This week he was speaking with...Jake Locker.

We really never do know who we'll see tonight.