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Everyone Is Bottle-Throwingly Pissed At Jose Mourinho


This post, written by Richard Anderson, is republished with permission from The Spoiler. Go there often if you like soccer stuff.

You know in Grease when the beautiful Olivia Newton-John falls head-over-heels in love with bad boy John Travolta and thinks she can change him, but in the end has to whore herself about in a skin-tight cat suit? Well the situation is like that at Real Madrid, except Jose Mourinho is the bad boy and Floentino Perez is the beautiful girl — and he isn't putting on a cat suit for no one.

According to Spanish newspaper Sport, the Handsome One has put several noses out of joint in the Spanish capital thanks to his camera-loving, tradition-ignoring ways — and everyone appears to have had enough.

Sport — an admittedly Barca-loving Catalan paper — reported today that tensions at Real have reached breaking point following Mourinho's over-exuberant celebrations after Kaka's strike against Villarreal in their 4-2 win last week.

Mourinho puffed his chest and displayed his magnificent plumage in front of the visitors' bench and ended up having a bottle of water thrown at him by Villarreal substitute Cani, who got sent-off for his troubles — even though he missed (he must know how that student with the fire extinguisher feels).


Mourinho explained it thusly:

I went to celebrate the goal with my son who was behind the visitors' bench, and the Villarreal players thought I was provoking them. I hope that when one swears on their son they believe you. I think this comes from a state of affairs where everything I do is always classed as negative.

This is just the latest in a catalogue of incidents that seems to have driven an absolutely enormous wedge between Mourinho and Real sporting director, Jorge Valdano (who never wanted Mourinho in the first place and pines for a return to a time when Real were a "gentlemanly club").

The first real problem between the pair surfaced in December when, following a game with Seville, Mourinho produced a list of 13 mistakes made by referee Carlos Clos Gomez and complained the Real hierarchy weren't applying enough pressure in response to continued "injustices."


The man responsible for applying that pressure is — you've guessed it — Jorge Valdano Esq. Floentino Perez then backed Valdano, saying he best represented the real Real values. The Madrid paper, AS, and its influential editor, Alfredo Relano, have since cooled their love affair with Mourinho. And Sport are now reporting Mourinho may leave at the end of the season.

Oh, and he has no money to spend in January. It was always going to end in tears, wasn't it?

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