Everyone Was Sick Of Joe Flacco's Bullshit

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Photo: Justin Edmonds (Getty Images)

The Broncos’ Joe Flacco-led offense was an overflowing gas station toilet of ass in the team’s Thursday matchup against the Chiefs. Denver only just made it over 200 yards of total offense for the day thanks to a couple of garbage-time running plays, while Flacco threw for 213 yards, completing 21 of his 34 attempts, but 72 of those yards were offset by a collection of eight sacks. The experience of watching the former Super Bowl champion tonight can be summed up in one clip:

It’s incredible how this man was traded for a fourth rounder. How Flacco’s teammates don’t go up and threaten him with violence at the end of every drive is beyond me when he’s making throws to nowhere like that, missing open receivers in other parts of the field and occasionally leading teammates to their doom like he did when he gave Phillip Lindsay the Lamar Jackson treatment.


Unsurprisingly, the fans in Denver eventually started to turn on ol’ Joe. It was the kind of reaction one would expect when an offense does some bullshit like punt on all but two of their second-half drives—one non-punt ended in a turnover on downs, the other happened because the game ended—nearly give up a fumble on back-to-back drives, and make Matt Moore look pretty solid by comparison.


But despite their best efforts, the vitriol from the mile high crowd paled in comparison to that of broadcaster Troy Aikman. The former Cowboys quarterback soured on Flacco rather intensely because the Broncos player looked like he could not give less of a shit about the position his team was in late in the third quarter. From there, Aikman made it his mission to shit all over Flacco and the rest of the Denver offense whenever possible. Here are just a few examples:

It’s not clear whether Aikman thought that he was being too hard on Joe, or if he just got bored of being so negative, but he did end up relenting on the criticism. In fact, he even got a chance to appreciate the absurdity of the kind of disgusting football he was watching and couldn’t help but laugh when he saw Flacco getting ready to go out for another garbage-time drive.


This is the only kind of football fans deserve on a Thursday night.