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Real Subtle, Joe Flacco

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Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco sucks real bad, and moreover has been just sort of broadly shitty for several years, just a total glassy-eyed doofus with a giraffe neck and a knack for cartoonishly ill-timed mistakes. He’s also old. Taken together, these are the reasons why the Ravens selected former Heisman winner Lamar Jackson in the first round of this past draft. Jackson is their quarterback of the future.


Unless Joe Flacco gets him killed, first!

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In many ways pro sports are different from other types of jobs. Athletic protectors and such. But I know a hostile workplace action when I see one! This is some Saturn devouring his son type shit, with the extremely on-brand wrinkle of Joe Flacco missing his own mouth and accidentally frisbeeing the baby over his shoulder instead.