Gary Plummer was the 49ers color analyst on KNBR for the past 13 seasons until it was recently announced that he would be replaced by another ex-Niner, Eric Davis. The reasons for his departure were vague. The director of broadcasting for the Niners, Bob Sargent, insists that Plummer wasn't fired for criticizing the team (which he often did). But one tipster says Plummer was let go because of this very graphic hypersexual interview he did with the Ladybrain podcast last February, which has since been removed.

Remember Plummer was a linebacker for the Chargers and the Super Bowl Niner teams, best known for his groomed mustache and formidable mullet. Apparently he's also known for being a highly-evolved sexual being, which is just goddamn fascinating.

Just a quick rundown of some of the snippets you'll hear:

— 51-year-old Gary Plummer discussing his average, white penis size

— 51-year-old Gary Plummer talking about his open marriage

— 51-year-old Gary Plummer talking about how the 49ers staff used to help some of the players get laid


— 51-year-old Gary Plummer retelling the story of how he once taught his older brother how to properly perform oral sex

And this is all said in a creepy, gentle "Schweaty Balls" voice which makes it even more off-putting. The Ladybrain gals also declined comment about why the post was removed. Sargent has not returned our call for comment, either. Until then, I'm going to find a big rake, some sand and reacquaint myself with the labia majora*. Everybody should. It's important.


* Thanks to Jezebel ladies for the Latin lesson. Not a euphemism.