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Doug Marrone is opting out of his contract with the Buffalo Bills after two years, mainly because his 2015 salary of $4 million is guaranteed no matter what. Even if Marrone takes a head coaching job with another team, he still receives his full salary from Buffalo.

ESPN first reported how the then-first time NFL head coach signed such a sweet deal in 2013:

Marrone exercised the unique option during the final hours of a three-day window that opened Monday, stipulated in the four-year contract he signed with the Bills in 2013. The opt-out clause was included in the original contract in the event of an ownership change, which occurred when Terry and Kim Pegula purchased the franchise in October.


When Marrone interviewed for a handful of jobs in 2013, he was offered the head-coaching position by the Bills and Browns and was a finalist with other teams when he agreed to coach the Bills.


Of course the Browns factored in here somehow, giving Marrone enough leverage to negotiate such a deal. The thing is — the Bills were pretty good this season! They went 9-7, mainly on the back of an amazing defense. But Marrone saw the writing on the wall — Kyle Orton retired, E.J. Manuel probably won't be a franchise guy, and the Bills won't have an easy way to upgrade the QB position with a middle-of-the-pack draft pick.

In another dash of intrigue, Marrone has immediately become a candidate for the recently-opened New York Jets job. Although taking a job with the Jets when you could be making $4 mil doing absolutely nothing kind of negates Marrone's boss-ass move.


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