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Ex-Knick Finds Out That Crack Can Kill

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Dean Meminger is in critical condition after a fire that investigators say was caused by a crack pipe. Several recently-used crack pipes were found in Meminger's apartment. Ruh-roh.

Dean the Dream was referred to as a "star" in the local tabloids today, but he's remembered insomuch as he backed up Frazier and Monroe on the Knicks' last title team. He's talked about his long battle with substance abuse, but I can't imagine a better wake-up call than the four-alarm fire that consumed a row of homes in the Bronx Sunday night.

Meminger, whose son is a reporter for New York 1, was recovering in the burn unit at Jacobi Medical Center yesterday after suffering significant smoke inhalation in Sunday night's four-alarm fire.

The beloved member of the Knicks' 1973 world championship team was living in an SRO on Findlay Ave. in Claremont and was found unconscious near his bed after the fire ignited at 9:40 p.m., officials said.

Several crack pipes that appear to have been recently used were found inside Meminger's room and in the hallway of the small dilapidated building, according to FDNY sources.


Would it be too negative to assume that James Dolan is somehow responsible for the deteriorating physical and mental health of a player who retired 30 years ago?

Dozens Left Homeless By Concourse Village Fire [NY1]

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