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Ex-Sabres Coach Joins Team That Ruined Everything For Sabres

Fun sports town, Buffalo, isn't it? Its football team—which has never won a Super Bowl—keeps trying to run off to Toronto, and its hockey team—which has never won a Stanley Cup—hit rock bottom earlier this year.


Things got so bad in Buffalo that the team had to fire accomplished head coach Lindy Ruff, who had been the bench boss since 1997, 17 games into the season. (How long ago was 1997? Miroslav Satan and Michael Peca were 23. Wayne Primeau was 21.) Under Ruff's replacement, Ron Rolston, the team rebounded. The Sabres finished 15-11-5 in their last 31. Bully for Buffalo. Lindy was comfortably in the past; the future was bright.

And then: Here come the ghosts! Ruff was just named the new head coach of the Dallas Stars, the team that most recently denied the Sabres the Cup they've always wanted. And, oh, right, it happened like this, 14 years and two days ago. Poor Buffalo.

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