I've been in a meat coma since The Fourth, and have only just seen this great moment from Friday's Yankees-Red Sox game. A couple of questions here, of course: What if the ball had stayed perched atop the fence, instead of falling back onto the field of play as it did? And what's the ruling if, say, a large crow comes along and plucks the ball off the fence and flies off? Also, do you suppose the guy in the Red Sox jersey is as truly amazed as he looks here, or does he react that way to everything? "The vending machine is sold out of CornNuts? Whaaa?"

Well, here's the video. And some other great photos from the Boston Globe. The result of the play, as you probably know, was that Boston's Kevin Youkilis got a triple, and the Yankees' Johnny Damon was removed from action with a sprained left shoulder, and on Saturday was placed on the 15-day DL; the first such trip of his career. And that means that the Brett Gardner Era in left field has begun in New York.

No Fireworks For Yankees As Red Sox Win Fourth Of July Battle [New York Daily News]