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Where did the day go? Did I ponder the on-field implications of adding a convicted dog-torturer to my co-favorite football team? Michael Phelps and Michael Vick ran over a coyote on the way to Rick Pitino's abortionist! What about morality?


Sports! Need words. Note to self: Troy Murphy is not yet a backup quarterback for the Ravens. Note to self: connect the e-mail to Deadspin Tips at your peril (...JoakimpicsstupidUFCshitJessicaSimpsonNewGuy...).

Confidential note to S.Y.: you do have friends. They care about your feelings! (But please lay off the fancy words, OK?)

The poor dogs. Can I just deplore Michael Vick for what he did to the dogs without having to line up with PETA or the Cowboys? Andy Reid looks at Michael Vick and sees his own wayward sons. I sort of see Andy Reid's sons there too, but it's maybe not as encouraging—this weird malignant need for kids from the nice suburbs or a backwater city to be Hard Core (Newport News? Bad Newz Kennels?). Find some other way to be impressive. Preferably on third and long in Washington's red zone.

Happy weekend to all. Your weekend editors: Barry Petchesky joins you on Saturday, Idiot Barking Dog on Sunday.


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