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Expanding The NCAA's Grip On Your Life

The men's NCAA basketball tournament is the one major postseason event that seems perfect. It's not possible for it to fail. It will be exciting. There will not be controversy about the champion. It is the single greatest gambling event that has ever existed. And there are coaches out there who want to drastically change it by doubling the size of the field to 128 teams.

That seems like overkill. How am I supposed to fit 127 games on one bracket sheet? There would be entire conferences making the field. This is insane. If they add 64 games and an additional week or two to the basketball tournament, and still insist that a playoff in football is impossible, I'm going to have to fight NCAA president Myles Brand.


There are other coaches who want to expand the field, but not quite as drastically; and there are some (thankfully) who don't want any expansion at all. At least a portion of the motivation appears to be that additional postseason appearances could help more coaches save their jobs.

And if Will had to do another .pdf file with facts about 128, I think it might kill him.

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