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When Brimfield Township, Ohio police came up upon the Very Reverend Canon Ignatius J. Kury, Pastor the other night, the holy man was laying down in the back seat of his ride, hammered. This much was confirmed when he blew three times the legal limit. That's around the time that they decided to start filming.

And thank Christ they did.

"[O]ne of my officers walked by the holding cell and he was exposing himself," said Chief Blough.

Kury is heard on the tape saying, "I'll give you a sermon on the mount."

According to Chief Blough, the priest's rant lasted over 20 minutes during which he threatened and propositioned officers.

Kury is heard saying, "I'll pay you whatever you want. What do you want? Want me to give you a [expletive]? Is that what you want ?" "Do you want me to be a sexual slave?"


The story didn't mention whether the offer tickled any officers' fancy. Yes, there's video from the cell available. Kury has a court appearance scheduled today.

Police: Local Priest Offered Sex to Officers After Arrest [Fox8] With Video

(H/T Dan Jovic)

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