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Who Was America Rooting For Last Night?

As it's done for the every round of the playoffs, Facebook put together a map showing where each Super Bowl team had more Facebook fans (above). The Broncos—an older, more centralized team with two NFL championships—had more national support, while Seahawks fandom was mostly contained to the Pacific Northwest.


However, Facebook also kept track of "chatter" during the game, looking for permutations of "Go Broncos," "Go Seahawks," and team hashtags. Here's where the keywords were coming from:

Ugly. The East Coast, Great Lakes, and Los Angeles area all went over to the Seahawks, as did Kansas City (because fuck the Broncos). Outside of the Mountain West, the Broncos holdouts were New York State, Peyton Manning's old Midwestern haunts, and the San Francisco market (also because fuck the Seahawks).

A couple things could be happening here. It's possible that Broncos fans shut up once the game turned ugly, about 30 seconds in, or that shiny new Seahawks fans started popping up nationwide as the game turned into a massive beat down. Probably both! What a terrible Super Bowl.

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