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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Failed Sports Radio Host Chris Christie Catches Foul Ball To Disgust Of Mets Fans

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie showed off his athletic side at tonight’s Cardinals-Mets game, reaching from his seat to make a left-handed catch of a foul ball off the bat of St. Louis shortstop Paul DeJong.

Christie celebrated his catch with a round of high-fives before appearing to give the ball to someone else in the stands. The broadcast cuts away from Christie just after he seems to offer the ball to someone a few rows behind him; it would stand to reason that he’d be giving the ball to a child, but it would also stand to reason that he’d have tried to avoid so much of what’s gone into a scandal-ridden career with record-low approval numbers and time spent as Donald Trump’s manservant, so who knows?

Meanwhile, the stadium had the good sense to boo him raucously.

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