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Falcons Safety Thomas DeCoud Played The Meow Game During An Interview On SportsCenter

Super Troopers has long been a cultural touchstone for shaggy-haired college dudes who like to watch movies when they're stoned. Spend enough time in any dormitory, and you're bound to hear someone yell, "He's already pulled over, he can't pull over any farther!" and then laugh before taking another bong rip.

Well it turns out that Thomas DeCoud is a fan of the movie, too. He proved as much yesterday when he played the Meow Game throughout his four-minute interview on SportsCenter. Video of the interview is a above, and you'll see that DeCoud does a damn good job at pulling off the prank. He stays committed to his task and never once breaks into a chuckle, even pulling off a rapid-fire sequence of meows at the 2:21 mark. He also gets huge bonus points for ending the interview with a final, declarative "Meow!"


We can only hope that DeCoud's masterful performance will inspire the next NFL player to be interviewed on SportsCenter to shout "Chicken fucker!" at Scott Van Pelt.

h/t Mark

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