While absolutely no one can reasonably claim they saw Leicester’s impossible yet now real Premier League title season coming, that didn’t prevent some exceedingly optimistic fans from putting down a few bucks in the off-off-off-off chance (their preseason title odds were 5,000-1) that Leicester would win the league. This guy here is one such lucky fan, who’s alcohol-inspired decision to lay £5 that the Foxes would Do It netted him a cool £20,600.

The man interviewed above could’ve won more, but he hedged about a month ago by cashing out two pounds of his bet at a lower return. Still, his faith was rewarded yesterday when Chelsea sealed the deal for Leicester; the remaining £3 of the bet won him £15,000.

Other Leicester supporters are probably feeling a little worse about their lack of conviction. On man cashed out on the entirety of his early £50 bet for £72,000 a couple months ago, while another took about £30,000 for his bet around the same time. Had both fans let their bets ride, they respectively would’ve won £250,000 and £100,000. The money they did take, on top of Leicester’s brand new trophy, probably still have the bettors pretty happy about how things turned out, all things considered.