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Fancy Dog Tom Brady Wants To Play Catch So Bad Oh Please Oh Please Just Huck That Ball So He Can Go Get It

We already knew that Tom Brady relaxes like a fancy dog and eats like a fancy dog. Now, thanks to ESPN, we know that he loves to play like a fancy dog, too:

Tom Brady is addicted to playing catch. Ask any of his friends or teammates and they will testify to this. He loves playing catch the way some people love fly-fishing. It’s a physical act that feels, at times, almost spiritual. He’s not a snob about it. He’ll happily play catch with his wife, his kids, his friends, with Hall of Fame receivers or with journeyman dreamers who barely sniffed the NFL.


Who’s a good fancy dog? Tom Brady is! That’s right! Who wants the ball? Tom Brady wants the ball? Go get the ball, boy! Go get it!

h/t Hayden

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