Fancy Dog Tom Brady Wants To Play Catch So Bad Oh Please Oh Please Just Huck That Ball So He Can Go Get It

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We already knew that Tom Brady relaxes like a fancy dog and eats like a fancy dog. Now, thanks to ESPN, we know that he loves to play like a fancy dog, too:

Tom Brady is addicted to playing catch. Ask any of his friends or teammates and they will testify to this. He loves playing catch the way some people love fly-fishing. It’s a physical act that feels, at times, almost spiritual. He’s not a snob about it. He’ll happily play catch with his wife, his kids, his friends, with Hall of Fame receivers or with journeyman dreamers who barely sniffed the NFL.

Who’s a good fancy dog? Tom Brady is! That’s right! Who wants the ball? Tom Brady wants the ball? Go get the ball, boy! Go get it!

h/t Hayden