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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Fans Love Their Boston Red Sox

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We thought we'd honor each of the four teams left with a roundup of the nicest things each team's best blogs could say about them. See? We're sweet! Right now: The Boston Red Sox.


Surviving Grady: "ou guys have the intestinal fortitude to hold off these young Cleveland Indians; I just know it. Most of you have been there. You're experienced. You can remain calm and collected and address the matter at hand while the rest of them stare wide-eyed at the bunting and MLB decorations and the Tony Gwynn free backrub booth. You can make your way to the World Series where we all know the National League opponent will be whipped into submission. You can send this city into another frenzy, turn us all into sleep-deprived, Red Bull-fueled zombies, and expand the parade route to include a swing around Crossroads Pub at the corner of Beacon and Mass Ave where the first round's on me." (Ed. Note: We kind of love this site.)

Over The Monster: "I love everything about Manny. He's just a quiet slugger that goes along his business every day. He has a really bad perception from some fans and media types, but he does what every other professional athlete, not just baseball player, should do: stay quiet and do their job well. He does that every day. It'd be one thing if Manny didn't hustle, didn't hit, and got into trouble off the field. But that is never the case. He just plays the game and really loves to play the game. I think that goes overlooked by fans because Manny never speaks to the media. It doesn't take away the fact he's a model ballplayer (he does hustle, I tell ya'!)."


Fire Brand Of The American League: " People, we aren't trying to say we're better than you or that we have something special we don't. Yes, we have a fanbase that calls itself Red Sox Nation. Guess what, other teams have fanbases with names! Raider Nation. Yankees Faithful. The Doghouse. Where's the hate there? Guess what? The fans are still the same as 2004. We are still neurotic, Tums-popping, passionate and devoted fans of the game."

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