Fans Love Their Cleveland Indians

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Because the Yankees — who, we might add, aren't in the playoffs anymore — are taking up too much media space, we thought we'd honor each of the four teams left with a roundup of the nicest things each team's best blogs could say about them. See? We're sweet! Right now: The Cleveland Indians.


Let's Go Tribe: "A milestone is a good opportunity to think about the journey undertook to reach it. This journey didn't start in April of 2007 but almost five years before that. It was by no means an easy odyssey, full of missteps, discouragements, and self-doubt. And it isn't even over yet. "

Tribe Report: "I was sitting here trying to think of what to write about this experience of the Cleveland Indians taking down the mighty New York Yankees in the ALDS with their 6-4 victory at Yankee Stadium, and I realized that I really have little to say. The Indians have totally stumped me with their tremendous pitching, timely hitting and all-around great style of post-season play."

Mistake By The Lake Sporting Times: "I'm as psyched about the Tribe now as I've been in years!"