At last, we have someone to fill the void left by Mark Sanchez roughly seven interceptions ago. Meet James Vandenberg, Iowa's starting quarterback and America's new avatar of poise.

Vandenberg, a redshirt freshman from Keokuk, Iowa, threw for 233 yards, two touchdowns and three picks in Iowa's 27-24 loss to Ohio State on Saturday. It was his first collegiate start, and he somehow managed not to piddle on the 50-yard line, and that was all anyone needed to bestow upon Vandenberg's competence a favorite bit of light praise.


Headline, Quad-City Times:

... has poise


... showing poise early

Maureen Fulton, Toledo Blade:

... showed poise

Nathan Rush, Athlon Sports:

... showed poise

Kirk Ferentz, Iowa coach, via the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

... showed good poise out there

Kirk Ferentz, Iowa coach, via the Cedar Rapids Gazette:

... showed good poise and leadership traits and mental and physical toughness

Adam Rittenberg,

... showed tremendous poise

Max Dible,

... showed poise beyond his years

Charles Allen, Bleacher Report:

... played with poise and determination far exceeding his level of experience

Des Moines Register:

... poise and preparedness

Mike Hlas, Cedar Rapids Gazette:

... eye-opening poise

And what of Mark Sanchez? He seems to have drifted dangerously close to "poise"'s polar opposite, "erratic." One more five-interception game, and he'll be Rex Grossman with a GQ spread. But Sanchez isn't ready to surrender his "poise" crown just yet. From Sunday:

Joe Lapointe and William C. Rhoden, The New York Times:

Sanchez, despite two interceptions, seemed to be gaining poise ...

h/t reader Benjamin J.