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Fastest Shed Crushes Fastest Shed's Speed Record

Screenshot: YouTube

Imagine you are in a small building. The building has wheels. The building can move—vroom, vroom. The building has an engine that has recently exploded and resulted in months of mechanical issues afterward. Now imagine that you are in this building and you are making it do what Kevin Nicks did on Sunday. You’re making it go 101.581 mph at the Straightliners event at Pendine Sands, in Wales. Wow! That’s a good imagination you have.

“Because I’ve had so many issues I didn’t want to absolutely cane it,” said Nicks, who proceeded to absolutely cane it, breaking a previous record of 101.046 mph he had set in May, before the mechanical troubles set in.


The Fastest Shed, which is likely the fastest shed, is Nicks’s brainchild. The 54-year-old gardener has poured tens of thousands of miles and £13,000 into his creation to date, doing all the work by hand and taking it to several land speed events.

And now Nicks can claim that it goes 101.581 mph. “Only just beating it will allow me to come back and try to beat it again,” he said.


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