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Fat-Guy Quarterback Scores Fat-Guy Two-Point Conversion

Ordinarily we only get to see a fat guy score because of a mistake—an interception at the line of scrimmage, a fumble into the hands of the nearest lineman who rumbles for the endzone—but Notre Dame has provided a game-changer: 340-pound nose tackle Louis Nix. That's him, intentionally lining up as quarterback in this afternoon's spring game.

With 8:07 left in the fourth quarter, Nix took the snap from shotgun, dropped back and went through his progressions just like he's been taught for years slapped the ball a couple times before taking off for the endzone for the easy two-point conversion. Dan Hicks and Mike Mayock seem legitimately surprised and amused, Mayock going so far as to call the senior's play "350 pounds of chocolate thunder rambling downhill, baby!"


Hicks, rightfully, is left bewildered: "What in the world is going on, here?" Nix would later go on to say that he didn't care so much about scoring, he just wanted to "truck someone."

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